Digital high tech to break decarbonation records

The efficiency of a navigation aid platform driven by a digital twin. Through the virtual replication of physical data measured on board ships, this solution uses artificial intelligence techniques to accelerate the transition of maritime transport.

The quest for environmental excellence as an achievement

Alex Caizergues is well known to those who love challenges. This French kitesurfer, the first man to exceed 100km/h on the water and holder of six speed records propelled solely by the force of the wind, is now putting his taste for feats at the service of maritime transport. Through the SYROCO research laboratory, which he co-founded, this accomplished sportsman is working alongside a team of some 20 people to accelerate innovation and help this sector face the economic and environmental challenges it faces.

By using innovation to design a machine capable of reaching speeds of 150 km/h on the water using only the wind, SYROCO has developed EFFICIENTSHIP. Based on the digital twin principle, this platform models the behavior of ships and their energy efficiency according to their configuration and operating conditions. Simultaneous analysis of the ship’s data and physics is combined with artificial intelligence to provide highly accurate simulation results and test a wide range of scenarios. Aligned with reality, this virtual data brings the promise of accompanying the maritime world on more virtuous paths, with records for reducing its carbon footprint.

“Beyond putting my name in the record books, through SYROCO, I want to stimulate innovation inscribed in the quest for pioneering feats to transpose it into industrial fields, starting with the energy transition of maritime transport.”

Alex Caizergues, co-founder and CEO of SYROCO
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