Sakowin Green Energy

Producing hydrogen... differently

Sakowin is a French company at the forefront of the transition to sustainable hydrogen. Sakowin manufactures equipment to produce hydrogen and solid carbon from methane, without any CO2 emissions.

A model of energy efficiency, circularity and sustainability

Sakowin is a deeptech founded in 2017, specializing in decarbonized hydrogen production through methane plasmalysis and committed to the energy transition.

Sakowin’s solution is negative or neutral in CO2 emissions. It uses 5 times less electricity than electrolysis to produce the same amount of hydrogen at a competitive cost and does not consume water, a resource whose preservation is essential in the fight against climate change.

The Sakowin equipment is compact, modular and stackable. It can be integrated into existing industrial and gas infrastructures, thus avoiding massive investments in new transport and storage infrastructures.

The Sakowin brick allows on-site and on-demand production. It offers a production capacity from 200 kg/H2/day up to several hundred tons of hydrogen produced each day.

The co-production of solid carbon, which can be used both economically and environmentally, in the building industry and agriculture for example, and the use of biomethane, which allows the production of a hydrogen that is not only decarbonized but also negative in terms of CO2 emissions, make Sakowin a model of energy efficiency, circularity and sustainability.

The company has formed seven industrial partnerships to accelerate the development of its solution, and is aiming for fifteen partnerships by 2025.

Sakowin has already raised more than 10 million euros to make this technology a reality for the energy transition.

“Sakowin’s mission is to actively participate in our shared goal of Net Zero Emission by 2050 by enabling the cost-competitive production of decarbonized hydrogen.”


Gérard Gatt, President and founder of Sakowin
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