Leviathan Dynamics

An ecological compressor for heat pumps and wastewater treatment

Leviathan Dynamics develops and builds a compressor using the Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) process. Their compressor is more efficient and environmentally friendly and is integrated into two separate innovations: a heat pump and a wastewater treatment system.

Water at the heart of two innovations that use 30% less energy

Mechanical Vapor Compression (MVC) is a process that consists in forcing the evaporation of a liquid by using a compressor. This concept is the basis for two innovations from Leviathan Dynamics, both of which are 30% less energy intensive. The first solution is a heating and cooling device (heat pump) that uses water as a natural refrigerant in a closed circuit instead of environmentally harmful refrigerant gas. The second Leviathan Dynamics innovation, TURBEVAP, based on the same technology as the first, is already on the market. It is an industrial wastewater evaporator that efficiently separates the 5% liquid waste from the 95% pure water.

Since 2016, the Leviathan Dynamics team, which includes three mechanical engineers from France’s most prestigious schools, has been working to remove an important technological barrier: the unavailability of compact and affordable compressors operating in vacuum. The result is the patented CMV-based high-speed compressor with a reduced size. In addition to its already commercialized TURBEVAP product, Leviathan Dynamics is currently completing its research and development process and is expected to deliver its compressor and first heat pumps in late 2023.

“Energy and the environment are at the center of humanity’s concerns. As a player in both fields, we want to help industry reduce its energy consumption and waste. We want to make society more environmentally friendly.”

Naoufel Menadi, CEO of Leviathan Dynamics
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