Vital Meat

Growing meat becomes possible !

Vital Meat has developed a process for growing meat. The technique uses less water and natural resources than breeding and slaughtering. Vital Meat is tasty, healthy and nutritious.

Chicken meat from egg cells

For the past 10 years, Vital Meet has been inspired by the brewing technique of beer to make its meat. The company has worked with egg cells and selected the most robust ones. Once these cells are obtained, they are reproduced without the need for new eggs, they pass through a bioreactor, in which, fed, they grow and multiply. At the end of the process, it is time to harvest the chicken breast, which is as nutritious and tasty as a chicken breast of animal origin.

Originally, Frédéric Grimaud, owner of the group that bears his name, a biotechnology specialist, had the idea of creating cultured meat. The entrepreneur called upon Etienne Duthoit and his team of scientists who took up the idea to create the technology and the company Vital Meat. The objective for the young start-up is not to replace existing production, but to offer new solutions to meet environmental challenges and societal expectations. Vital Meet would like to make France, the country of gastronomy, an important player in this fast-growing sector worldwide. Cultured chicken meat will soon be marketed, followed by cultured pork and white fish.

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