Artificial Intelligence for water saving

Aquawize, an AI-based software solution, is a decision support tool that automatically analyzes and detects anomalies early in water networks. It enables water savings of hundreds of thousands of cubic meters and significant time and energy savings for drinking water production.

A co-construction between Nevers Agglomeration and the LACROIX group

The project originated in a meeting between the Nevers Agglomeration water authority and LACROIX, an international supplier of technological solutions. Both worked together to define the most suitable solution for water saving. In the project team, there are four employees of the LACROIX group, each with their own speciality, from the digital solutions developer to the marketing manager and the manager of the Nevers Agglomeration’s water authority.

After several experiments, Aquawize is now in operation in the Nevers agglomeration. Until then, in line with the average for cities, drinking water waste was between 20 and 35% and network technicians took one to two hours each day to analyze a hundred graphs and more than 500 parameters. With the “Aquawize” tool, the waste is considerably reduced, reducing, at the same time, the energy needed to produce drinking water: the equivalent of hundreds of thousands of euros. Technicians can now analyze the 800 kilometers of pipes in a few minutes, saving 96% of their time. These savings in water, time and energy are made possible by real-time data analysis and automatic classification of anomalies in order of importance. LACROIX is now working to extend its offer to other cities.

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