Cool Roof France

Refresh buildings with reflective coating on roofs

Cool Roof France offers reflective coatings applied to the roofs of buildings to improve indoor thermal comfort and reduce the use of air conditioning with a saving of 20 to 50% in electricity consumption.

Sustainable paints made from oyster shells and a solidarity approach

Nine years ago, Frédéric Lachèvre was the manager of a real estate portfolio and, faced with rising temperatures, he was concerned about the proper thermal management of his buildings. During a trip to New York, he observed white building roofs. It clicked. On his return to France, the Finistère entrepreneur surrounded himself with an energy specialist, Ronan Caradec, and a refrigeration specialist, Roland Soun. After two years of research, they came to the conclusion that a passive cooling solution could overcome the aberration of air conditioning systems that create cold by rejecting hot air and that themselves contribute to rising temperatures. They created a technology that was more sustainable than just paint and in 2015, founded Cool Roof France.

Cool Roof France’s reflective paint reflects 90% of the sun’s rays and lowers indoor temperatures by an average of 6°C. The positive effect of its flagship product on the planet is undeniable and Cool Roof France is part of a global strategy, respectful of the environment and in favor of social justice. In the development of its made in France products, the company has, for example, developed a coating made from oyster shells. Cool Roof France is also a Social and Solidarity Enterprise (SSE), it works in developing countries and has a solidarity pole, the heart of its activity. While spreading values of respect and benevolence to its customers, it obviously does not forget the economic efficiency, develops its activity internationally and is the European leader of Cool Roofing.

“From the observation of the effectiveness of a Low Tech and ancestral technology of painting surfaces white to repel heat, we arrived at a Hi Tech technology to make the solutions we apply on roofs sustainable and responsible.”

Fréderic Lachèvre, Founder and Associate Vice President of Cool Roof France
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