Full steam to green heat supply

The use of algorithm and artificial intelligence to help operators, organizations and communities implement a program to decarbonize their heating systems in an urban environment.

Digitalisation for the decarbonization of district heating networks

For Europe to become CO2 neutral, we need to decarbonize our heating systems. Especially in urban areas, heating plays a vital role in achieving this. In most countries, however, we lag behind this target. This is based on this observation, particularly in Germany where 80% of networks are based on fossil fuels, that the young KELVIN GREEN team imagine and develop digital tools to facilitate and accelerate the transformation of existing networks and the deployment of green heat devices.  

With its all-in-one software solution, KELVIN GREEN helps district heating operators, such as municipal utilities, decarbonize their heat networks. More specifically, this Berlin greentech company offers, via a digital platform, transformation plans for existing networks and feasibility studies to encourage new renewable energy supplies. It uses digitalization to find the most cost-effective and fast way to decarbonize based on a structured workflow enriched with algorithms and scenario analysis. Its digital technology also concerns the management of implementation, often complex around several actors and operators, up to the AI-based control of the future heat networks.

« With Kelvin Green, we aim to make the transformation towards a green and CO2-neutral heat supply as efficient as possible. Our mission is to be the operating system for green transformation of heat suppliers and to become one of GreenTech’s main employers in Germany. Let’s transform and create the district heating networks of tomorrow!»

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