The kite sail for cargo ships

The development of an aerotowed propulsion concept that can be adapted to any type of vessel. Tested on a laboratory catamaran, the SeaKite automated system is designed to support the energy transition in the maritime sector.

Wind propulsion by aerotraction

Imagine a cargo ship propelled by a giant kite. The idea seems as obvious as it is relevant. To make it a reality is the challenge that BEYOND THE SEA, the company created by the sailor-engineer, Yves Parlier, aims to meet. This maritime cleantech laboratory proposes kite traction systems, capable of providing all or part of the energy needed to propel a ship, depending on the navigation area, the performance and the characteristics of the boat. After having distinguished himself in the most famous sailing competitions and at the initiative of numerous technological developments, this visionary sailor has surrounded himself with a team of naval architects and engineers in mechatronics, electronics, computer science, mechanical and industrial engineering to develop a unique expertise in this type of traction.

The company, based in the Arcachon basin, aims to respond to the problem of energy dependence of ship owners and the challenges of decarbonization. After the LibertyKite, designed for pleasure boating, small-scale fishing and ocean racing, the company has developed SeaKite, a fully automated system that reduces the emissions of the equipped vessel. Connected to the boat by its lines, the wing-shaped sail is automatically piloted and can fly statically or dynamically depending on the desired traction force. The wing can be used alone or in addition to another mode of propulsion. This innovation is now being used on a two-hull hydroplane, designed for full-scale testing. This ship, with its avant-garde lines, is about to embark on an odyssey with a double transatlantic voyage on the agenda to test this promising innovation in real navigation conditions, and to remove the last technological obstacles to its deployment throughout the maritime sector.

« This demonstration boat will allow us to test this kite and to develop all our traction systems. There is no more mast, nor sail as on a sailboat. This catamaran, entirely propelled by a kite, is intended to be a laboratory, on a 1/8th scale of the kites we wish to market. The wind is a great energy, it would be a waste not to use it. It is so obvious… » 

Yves Parlier, founder of BEYOND THE SEA
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