REVOLTE e-garages

The first garage for electric and hybrid vehicles in France

REVOLTE e-garage fights against the programmed obsolescence of electric and hybrid vehicles by maintaining and repairing vehicles in the workshop or at home at the right price, without generating unnecessary waste and without requiring complete replacement of parts.

For electric cars that last 100 years!

REVOLTE e-garage is a start-up born during the confinement. The 7 co-founders, aged 28 to 45, are on a mission against programmed obsolescence in the automotive industry. While the average lifespan of a car in France is about ten years, they want to make the electric and hybrid vehicles that pass through their hands live for 100 years.

The “Revoltees” as they call themselves, rely on their in-depth knowledge of vehicle batteries, electronics and mechanics (because yes, there are still some in this type of car!) and offer their customers breakdown or maintenance solutions by opening the covers of the batteries or on-board electronics to avoid having to change expensive and polluting parts. These e-garages, transparent about their prices and their work, have already attracted hundreds of customers in their workshop in Carquefou or at home. The company is also developing tools for its community, such as an observatory of electric car costs, and has opened its own Academy to train the e-garages of tomorrow.

“We believe that a car should be able to retain its use value for 100 years, just like a piece of jewelry, an apartment or a photo.”

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