The development of a floating network of computing and data storage services, with a reasonable environmental impact, thanks to their installation in direct contact with a natural water source.

A first barge on the Loire in the summer of 2023 

At a time of digitalization marked by the development of “clouds” and servers everywhere, the question of the environmental impact of these digital services is posed with a new acuity. Vincent Le Breton and Maxime Rozier, co-founders of DENV-R, have come up with the concept of floating data centers in order to provide a relevant and sustainable response.

The DENV-R devices, which look like futuristic barges, integrate natural cooling systems and the use of renewable energy to reduce their energy consumption. Another important advantage is that they are less dependent on land, providing sustainable data storage, computing, connectivity and IT security solutions that are particularly well suited to water-stressed or densely populated regions. A first DENV-R demonstrator will be tested in the summer of 2023, in the heart of the city of Nantes, on the Loire River. This decentralized cloud computing service will have the particularity of being naturally cooled by recovering the frigories of the water available around the float, and of being powered in part by renewable energies, via production devices installed in situ.

« Our mission is to contribute to the global transition to a more sustainable digital economy. We are proud to offer innovative solutions to limit the environmental impact of data centers and thus contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet. »

Vincent Le Breton and Maxime Rozier, co-founders of DENV-R
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