Caeli Énergie

A low carbon air conditioner

Caeli Energie has created an air conditioner with high energy efficiency and low environmental footprint. Based on an innovative thermodynamic device and an optimized dry and wet heat exchanger, the Caeli Energie air conditioner does not reject hot air and does not use refrigerant gas.

Made in France, the Caeli Énergie air conditioner is already on the market

Intended mainly for private residences and small professional premises, the Caeli Énergie air conditioner, with its refined design and small size, is 4 times more efficient than a traditional system. The Caeli Énergie product does not use any compressor, does not have an external unit, it is silent and energy saving. It has an air exchanger which acts on the humidity rate of the air without using refrigerant gas by simply using air and water. The company has designed its product using a maximum of recyclable and recycled parts. 

The Savoy-based start-up has raised 2.1 million euros in 2022 and counts among its partners the Vinci group, the CNRS and the University of Savoie Mont Blanc (LOCIE). Energie Caeli currently has 16 employees, half of whom come from the world of thermodynamics research and the other half from the industrial world. The company has already started the marketing of its product and has engaged its industrialization process with the ambition to substitute a polluting technology mainly imported from Asia by a low-carbon technology manufactured in France.

“Conventional air conditioners, in high demand during hot summers, expel hot air outside, which increases the global warming phenomenon and pollutes the air with refrigerant gases. With the melting of glaciers, the lack of snow in winter and the ever hotter summers, in our Savoyard valleys we are direct witnesses of these climatic changes, we cannot continue like this, we must get out of this vicious circle “.


Rémi Perony, founder and president of Caeli Energy
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