The revolutionary Green Hydrogen Battery

Clhynn invented the green hydrogen fuel cell. Like others, it produces electricity from oxygen in the air and hydrogen without emitting CO2 or other waste. But it has two additional advantages: it has a nickel catalyst that replaces platinum, a rare, expensive and not very durable metal, in traditional fuel cells; and it has its own source of green hydrogen, which is solid and has no infrastructure or pressure vessel constraints.

A complete response to the obstacles of the hydrogen industry

Clhynn is a so-called “Deep Tech” company: with three international patents, its green hydrogen fuel cell is a disruptive technology. The Clhynn fuel cell produces its own hydrogen and uses a nickel catalyst that is 1000 times less expensive than platinum, a rare metal that is not very durable and risky for European supply sovereignty. Thus, the Clhynn battery is economical, energy self-sufficient, sovereign… It responds in particular to the obstacles of the sector, which are the carbon-based production of hydrogen and an excessive dependence on rare metals.

The young company was founded in 2022 by Bernard Gauthier-Manuel, an experienced CNRS researcher, and Jean-Patrick Corso, a company director from the industry. Today, assisted by three doctors and engineers, the two founders aim to produce their first demonstrators for mobility as early as 2024 and intend to tackle the demanding automotive market as early as 2027. The European fleet of fuel cell vehicles could grow from a few thousand today to more than ten million by 2030. Clhynn’s technology aims to become the world reference with its green, cost-effective, sustainable and sovereign hydrogen.

« Hydrogen can decarbonize the energy needed for our transportation needs. Its fuel cell generates electricity from oxygen and hydrogen, rejecting only water. It appears to be the ideal solution as long as its current constraints are solved: this is exactly what CLHYNN proposes. »

Jean-Patrick Corso, CEO and co-founder of Clhynn
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