Four innovations for air quality in cities

BEAIR is developing four innovations to improve air quality and behavior in urban areas: An intelligent pedestrian crossing, air quality sensors, smart cameras, and artificial intelligence.  

Artificial intelligence to build a Smart City

The BEAIR pedestrian crossing is a solar-powered intelligent pedestrian crossing. It is safer for pedestrians and motorists, regulates traffic and reduces CO2 emissions.  BEAIR air collectors are also solar powered and are able to detect six different toxic gases and measure their volume in real time in the air. The BEAIR smart camera is a housing of two high-tech cameras: one is thermal, the other is traditional. The images they capture are coupled to provide high-precision 3D modeling. 

The IRMAPP innovation is an intelligent communication system designed to facilitate transportation in the city. IRMAPP is a device accessible on smartphone or computer, which geolocalizes the user and which allows to know in real time the state of the car traffic and then to indicate to him the adapted means of public transport or to propose carpool or taxi. IRMAPP also shows all the events on a route allowing it to adapt its journey in real time. BEAIR aims to become a European reference in the development of innovations for smart cities.

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