The beautiful alchemy of waste oil processing

The use of green chemistry in a circular economy approach to revive used vegetable oils, transformed into solvents used in many products. 

Circularity and reasoned chemistry

Behind ISUSCHEM, the acronym for “Italian SUStainable CHEMistry”, lies the combination of an innovative start-up and a spin-off from the chemical science department of the Federico II University of Naples. This young structure, bringing together local researchers and young entrepreneurs, operates in the industrial chemicals sector, synthesized from fatty acids from used vegetable oils. 

The oils used are part of the so-called third-generation biomass, which does not involve the use of food crops. Through its approach based on the use of this waste from the food industry, ISUSCHEM is part of a circular economy logic. This young Neapolitan company gives new life to this used vegetable fat that it transforms into cleaning agents, printing inks, protective varnishes, surfactants and additives for the cosmetic industry, and much more. Around the use of a completely reusable and inexpensive zinc-based catalyst, which has made it possible to improve the entire production process, to increase the quality of its products, reduce production costs and provide the market with innovative and revolutionary solutions, ISUSCHEM, behind two patents, illustrates the immense potential of green chemistry.

“Our approach, which starts with waste oils from the food sector, respects many principles of green chemistry and is in line with the development axes of the circular economy because it gives new life to waste that would otherwise have ended either in incineration, in the fuel sector.” 

Vicenzo Benessere, CEO of ISUSCHEM
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