Nosh Bio GmbH

A natural and durable protein to imitate the taste of meat and fish

Nosh Biofoods develops a mycoprotein in a natural, sustainable, GMO-free and gluten-free way, which can reproduce the taste of meat and fish. 

Taste in the water content

Nosh Bio GmbH develops a fibrous mycoprotein structure in water and oil baths. Due to its cultivation, Nosh Bio mycoprotein is versatile and can be used as a single ingredient or as an additive. As a unique ingredient, it can reproduce the taste of chicken, duck, pork and beef by simply varying its moisture content and method of preparation. As an additive ingredient mycoprotein can replace chemicals in the production of bread or ice cream for example.  

The Nosh Bio GmbH team started with two co-founders with solid experience, each in their own field. Tim Fronzek, the CEO, has previously founded another company,, which now has 600 employees and generates €200 million in turnover. Felipe Lino, technical director and co-founder is a doctor of biotechnology, specializing in industrial microbiology, fermentation technology and enzyme technology. Nosh Bio GmbH wishes to represent the future of a food system that is no longer harmful to the planet, animals or humans.

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