A liquid solution for hydrogen transport and storage

Research and development of a unique process for trapping hydrogen in a liquid carrier, making it easier to transport and store.

The advantages of the liquid state

Based on years of research and development, HySiLabs is working on an innovative method to safely transport and store hydrogen. Its technology makes it possible to overcome the constraints linked to the gaseous state of this clean energy, which is seen as one of the major levers for meeting decarbonization objectives. The company, based in Aix-en-Provence, France, is developing a unique process that traps hydrogen molecules in a silica-based liquid carrier, where the hydrogen can then be released on demand, without the need for additional energy. To appreciate the advantages of this innovation, it is important to understand that a single tanker truck of this liquid solution is enough to transport as much hydrogen as seven trucks under high pressure to transport it in a gaseous state.

Initial tests have shown that the carrier is stable and can be safely transported and stored in existing infrastructures under ambient pressure and temperature conditions. HySiLabs’ patented technology can therefore make a major contribution to meeting the fundamental challenge of large-scale hydrogen distribution and storage. In a future where its production will have to be delivered to energy demand centers, this ability to release this green gas at no energy cost is seen as very attractive. To develop this breakthrough technology, HySiLabs has just raised €13 million from investors, including major players in the European energy sector, who have shown their confidence in this liquid solution.

“Hydrogen will be the cornerstone of the energy transition, whether for long-term seasonal energy storage, or for decarbonization of the industrial sector. HySiLabs has developed a unique solution to facilitate its transport and storage that removes many of the barriers to its development.”

Corine Dubruel, President and CEO of HySiLabs
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