The 100% anti-pesticide antifungal

To fight against the use of pesticides by providing a 100% natural antifungal to farmers.

Research to put agriculture back in the green

Specialized in plant diseases, GREEN IMPULSE is entirely dedicated to agriculture. At the heart of the university campus in Angers, the plant capital of France, the engineers and researchers of this start-up work every day to green agriculture and improve consumer health. The company, founded in 2019 by Alexandre Olivaud and Emmanuel Pajot, leverages more than 15 years of academic research in partnership with INRAe and the University of Angers to bring to the agricultural plant protection market, a new 100% naturally derived antifungal.

A member of the French Tech Agri 20, GREEN IMPULSE’s ambition is to market a new family of biocontrol products capable of protecting plants against diseases in the long term, while reducing the use of conventional fungicides. Pioneers in this field, its laboratories, specialized in agronomy, phytopathology and phytochemistry, have demonstrated the ability to sensitize plant pathogenic fungi in order to better control their development and thus reduce the risk of infection on the plant. Their innovative solution, based on a breakthrough technology, has led to the development of a range of natural ARPI molecules (Adaptative Response Pathway Inhibitors), which can help stop the use of pesticides.

“Today, we have been able to select a plant extract rich in active ingredients with an antifungal effect and we have been able to validate its effectiveness on major diseases worldwide. We now need to prove the absence of toxicity of the extract and its efficacy to meet regulatory requirements. We are working to provide a new zero pesticide lever for agriculture starting in 2026.”

Emmanuel Pajot, director of GREEN IMPULSE
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