For plastic-free rivers and oceans

The development of a system for cleaning the waters of rivers and canals from plastic waste, which does not hinder navigation and has no impact on the environment.

Italian company Mold S.r.l., founded in 2008, has decades of experience in molds for plastic parts in the automotive interior sector. In 2019, in order to tackle the problem of oil and plastic waste, the Veneto-based company began developing an innovative, unique and effective system called RIVER CLEANING. As the name suggests, this device prevents the discharge of waste into rivers and canals. The solution, which leaves the waterways clear, has no harmful effect on flora and fauna. The RIVER CLEANING system, positioned diagonally across the river, intercepts the waste and transports it to the shore in a special storage area so that it can be recycled. This efficient, low environmental impact system, requiring no other energy source and producing no waste, can be adapted to any river.

Vanni Covolo, an outstanding technician in plastic production, is now working with his team to fight the scourge that this petroleum-based material generates for the planet. After developing the patented RIVER CLEANING system, he is now looking for investors and partners to accompany him in the industrialization and commercialization phases of this sustainable solution to combat plastic pollution of the oceans, 80% of which comes from rivers.

“Our autonomous solution does not require energy. It works autonomously and does not interfere with navigation. We believe that the right solution to combat plastic must be functional and respectful of biodiversity.”

Vanni Covolo, co-founder of RIVER CLEANING
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