Priority buses, soft and sustainable mobility accelerators

The development of a V2X-type solution for communities and transit authorities to streamline traffic and contribute to the decarbonization of cities through the implementation of an ecosystem adapted to smart vehicles.

Meaningful results measured on a standalone bus line

The LACROIX Group’s objective is to help steer, optimize and secure the flow of vehicles and people in order to share the street and the road while taking into account the needs of all users and operators. This is the goal of smart innovations at the heart of its business lines. As one of the latest developments of this key player in the world of intelligent mobility, the PrioV2X solution optimizes bus journey time, thanks to dynamic regulation of intersections that maximize the transition to green at crossroads. This solution is based on V2X technology, known as vehicle-to-everything, which allows communication between several vehicles, a cloud and a road infrastructure. This organized and technological ecosystem offers two-way, cybersecure communication for the development of intelligent vehicles. PrioV2X thus minimizes fuel consumption (less acceleration and deceleration) and contributes to the attractiveness of public transport. 

Tested on an automated electric bus line from the RATP in the Val de Marne, the PrioV2X solution was able to demonstrate its efficiency, saving 10 minutes of journey time, the equivalent of 25% of journey time, over a portion of the journey. More generally, V2X applications have the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 5-20% in the specific traffic situation to which they apply. As such, they help accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility with a reduced carbon footprint.

« For the past two years, there has been a real transformation of the markets at LACROIX City, with the deployment of high-level public transport projects and the emergence of soft mobilities such as bicycles, scooters that flourish in the city. In this context, providing connected solutions to secure and prioritize these mobilities is essential. Prio V2X is part of this dynamic. »

Guillaume Grolleau, CEO of LACROIX City’s C-ITS (Intelligent and Connected Transport Systems) entity
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