3D printing of reinforced concrete to reduce impact in construction

ETESIAS has created a computer solution ranging from design to robotic 3D printing to manufacture reinforced concrete. The invention of ETESIAS aims to overcome the problems of environmental impact in construction.

Divide construction impact by two

For a reinforced concrete construction, the ETESIAS 3D printer increases productivity by 70% compared to a traditional construction, while reducing its impact by 50%. The machine with the articulated long arm requires half as many raw materials, saves 30% energy and reduces waste by 1/3. The machine works intelligently and completely customizable according to the job sites, with no shape limit.

It all began in the research laboratories of the University of Naples Federico II and the University of Pavia. After the creation of a first prototype called «Vesuvius Beam», a name borrowed from the Neapolitan volcano, capable of building a 4-metre long structural beam, three building engineering researchers created ETESIAS in 2019 to develop their innovation. Before reaching maturity, ETESIAS collaborated with Italian construction groups. Intended for manufacturers, manufacturers of prefabricated, suppliers of construction tools, the ETESIAS 3D printer and the services of the Design Office related to its use have entered the marketing phase.

ETESIAS has a unique realization process! Although there are other technologies for the construction of concrete elements with 3D printing, very few applications have been developed for the realization of reinforced concrete elements with structural functionality and with simple and versatile technologies.

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