DG Twin

Smart solution to reduce the consumption of e-bikes

DG Twin has created DGeco, an application based on artificial intelligence, capable of giving cyclists on electric bikes real-time driving instructions to achieve significant energy savings and improve the safety of use.

In a customized version, DGeco will better balance the efforts of cyclists by also taking into account local air quality conditions, for an optimal experience both in training and in daily deliveries.

A 10% to 15% drop in consumption over one year

Tested since March 2022 in the streets of Naples on electric bikes, the DGeco solution has reduced electricity consumption by 10 to 15%, or by more than 500 km/year. The DGeco user receives real-time guidance on his smartphone thanks to artificial intelligence, which allows him to adapt his driving and thus save energy. 

The team of two researchers from the Italian National Research Council (CNR) is launching the industrialization phase of this first DGeco product, intended for all e-bikes users.  The next product for electric scooters is at the end of the test phase and initial studies are already being carried out to adapt the DGeco tool on electric cars. 

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