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The development of innovative technologies and solutions, including green hydrogen, for earthquake-resistant and eco-sustainable buildings.

A Solid oxide fuel cell, fuelled with pure hydrogen, has been tested in a real building. H-ZEB, like “Hydrogen Zero Emission Bulding”. Behind this acronym lies an unprecedented experiment. This 70 mq house, located in the Residential College of the University of Sannio in Benevento the northeast of Naples, is designed as a living laboratory, the first dedicated to green hydrogen technologies applied to the construction sector. It is indeed within the walls of this «student house» like no other that is being tested for the first time in Europe, since the month of July 2022, Solid oxide fuel cell fueled with pure hydrogen. Implemented in real life, it supplies electricity to the entire building, from household appliances to ceiling lamps. This experimental research structure also constitutes a privileged facility for training new professionals in the field of technologies related to this green energy, both at the level of production systems (electrolysers) than for the storage of this decarbonized energy (high pressure tanks).

The H-ZEB is a structure managed by The Department of Engineering (DING) of the University of Sannio and STRESS scrl – High Technology District on Sustainable Construction.STRESS, is a consortium dedicated to the construction sector. It promotes research activities on the issues of sustainability, security and resilience of historic buildings, cities of the future and infrastructure networks. 

“The virtuous collaboration between the Technological District for on Sustainable Constructions – Stress and its partner University of Sannio, started in 2012, continues. This H-ZEB project aims to promote the adoption of low-carbon technologies. It is also a great opportunity to accelerate a ready-made innovation like this pure hydrogen fuel cell.”


Ennio Rubino, President of the STRESS consortium
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