High yield algae cultivation

Manufacturer of machines for the study and cultivation of algae that allow researchers to deepen their knowledge and industrialists to optimize their production.

From laboratory research to various industrial uses

Specialized in phycology, SYNOXIS ALGAE develops knowledge applied to algae production systems. Whether microalgae, otherwise known as phytoplankton, or macroalgae visible to the naked eye, these living organisms, which produce 72% of the planet’s oxygen, are alternatives to meat, fuels, plastics, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. However, these algae are still unknown to researchers and industrialists. Of the 300,000 suspected species, 30,000 are listed, while only about thirty are currently produced on a large scale. SYNOXIS ALGAE’s mission is to offer automated machines to support laboratory research and to enable them to find ways of industrializing these extraordinary organisms.

The Nano, Lucy and Jumbo photobioreactors – produced by this start-up combining biology and high technology – are characterized by their small footprint. Another advantage is the small amount of water they use in a closed system that limits evaporation during the cultivation process. Composed of vertical tubes, these machines are able to produce a high density of algae. Finally, those designed from the patented system – the SALT concept for Spiral Air Lift Tubular -, developed in collaboration with Ifremer and the University of Nantes, have the particularity of being very low energy consuming while guaranteeing an optimal production of these microalgae with revolutionary powers.

“As an example, our photobioreactors allow us to harvest 9.5 g of spirulina per liter when the aquaculturist harvests between 0.3 and 1 g per liter. For isochrysis, we harvest 130 million cells per milliliter compared to 5 to 30 million in traditional methods.”

Hugo Vuillemin, microalgae project manager
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