Latitudo 40

Satellite images and AI to transform cities into smart cities

The Latitudo 40, City Heart analytical tool, based on accurate satellite images and artificial intelligence, provides communities and municipalities with easy-to-use data about their urban environment. The objective is to support rapid, concrete, effective and informed decision-making in an economic and sustainable way.

 Easy to use data

Thanks to its City Heart tool, Latitudo 40 allows its customers to access accurate and accessible data on: hot spots, energy efficiency of roofs, availability of green infrastructure, resilience to climate change, total carbon stocks, coastal erosion line… The satellite images used by the Latitudo 40 algorithms come from partners such as Airbus, Space Will, Copernicus, etc. have an accuracy of 1 meter and are taught on the digital platform.   

Founded in 2017 by four experts in the space industry and satellite image analysis, Latitudo 40’s DNA is to provide communities and municipalities with clear information and forward-looking scenarios. City Heart provides a photo of the city’s climatic state at a time T and proposes its double envisaged in the future after adequate decisions. Latitudo 40 continues its growth, now employs twelve highly qualified employees, was nominated by the European Space Agency (ESA) at the “Global Space Markets Challenge”, and plans to attract five new European cities in the coming months before exporting its solution to North America.

” We believe that harnessing satellite image information on environmental quality and urban risks will help improve accountability and resilience in cities. This marks the beginning of a new era to reduce the environmental impact of human activity.”

Gaetano Volpe, CEO and co-founder of Latitudo 40
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