Circular Fiber

Nutritious vegetable flour from artichoke waste

Karshov flour created by Circular Fiber from artichoke waste is low glycemic, sustainable, high in fiber and protein and helps protect the liver.

Promoting the circular economy in the agri-food industry

Circular Fiber has created its “Karshov” flour from artichoke waste generated by the food industry, and then transforms it into a particularly nutritious and healthy flour. The solution is unique and virtuous in several ways: it avoids waste and transforms a waste product into a noble product. In addition to the flour, nutritious components such as dietary fiber are also extracted from the artichoke waste.

The two founders, Nicola Ancilotto, former commercial director, and Luca Cotecchia, biotechnology specialist, have complementary profiles to carry out Circular Fiber’s mission: to promote the circular economy in the food industry. After the creation of “Karshov” flour, they hope to develop other food products from other underutilized plant waste.

“Through the circular and sustainable economy, we want to bring innovative and alternative products to the market and make them usable for everyone.”

Nicolas Ancilotto, CEO and Co-founder of Circular Fiber
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