The "mini wind turbine" for everyone!

Philéole has invented the vertical, 100% recyclable mini-wind turbine for the production of independent, renewable, urban, rural or marine energy.

A “zero impact” team

CEO Jean-Luc Bodart, industrial designer Maxime Halot and communications manager Maurine Diercxsens form a complementary trio driven by a common cause: zero impact. And with them, we don’t play with words! Surprising as it may seem, they first attacked the reputedly clean practice of sailing. But perfectionists at heart are not satisfied with a reputation: with their recyclable mini wind turbine, adaptable to sailboat masts, they have quite simply reduced the impact of sailing to zero.

The “Philéole Sailing” wind turbine measures 80 cm, withstands winds of 130 km/h, weighs less than 6 kg and produces up to 270W of electricity. Never satisfied with their quest for zero impact, the Philéole team then adapted their invention for the roofs of apartment buildings or the gardens of private homes, calling it the “Philéole Building”.

“Imagine if we have 1 or 2 million people in the world using a wind turbine that produces 150 W. I’ll let you calculate the number of megawatts that will be produced in green energy, really green…”

Jean-Luc Bodart, CEO of Philéole
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