Hawila Project

To the origins of sailing...

To promote the virtues of maritime transport by sail, Hawila is rehabilitating an old sailing ship that will be able to carry 30 people or 60 tons of coffee and chocolate across the Atlantic.

…To change mentalities

Hawila is a classic Baltic cargo ship from 1935, all wooden, 32 meters long. She sailed in the ice between Norway and Sweden until the 1950s before becoming a training ship until 2008. It has obtained the status of cultural and historical value, by the Swedish State Maritime Museum. In 2014, abandoned and in poor condition, Hawila caught the attention of a group of friends who decided to refurbish it in a state of the art way. The entire hull of the ship is completely revisited, modernized and secured. The shipyard adopts period techniques and the wood used comes from 200-year-old Danish forests dedicated to shipbuilding.

Grouped in the form of an association on the one hand and a cooperative on the other, the members of Hawila are engineers, carpenters, sailors, artists and come from all over the world: France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Canada… All of them are working to restore Hawila to its former glory and to make it a standard-bearer for the ecological transition in maritime transport. As a cargo carrier and a training ship, Hawila will combine these two functions. The project aims to teach the maritime transport of yesteryear and to make it culturally relevant in order to change mentalities and bring it up to date. 

« There is no lack of technical solutions for an ecological transition. What is missing is an environment where they can develop. In the current maritime transport system, a new technology can hardly be economically competitive compared to the over-optimized giant heavy fuel oil tankers. To develop, such innovations require public awareness and support, which we are trying to provide with Hawila. Our innovation is societal. »

Samuel Faucherre, Director and Co-founder of Hawila Project
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