R-Leaf® Solution to Clean Air and Feed Crops

Our breakthrough technology converts pollution in the air into fertilizer for the plant. R-Leaf® captures nitrous oxide emissions, reduces the need for synthetic fertilizer, improves soil health and protein content, and increases crop yields. All this is done while maintaining traditional farming practices – simply pour into your tank for regular spray application.

A disruptive technology that doesn’t disrupt the farmer.

R-Leaf® is the latest technology developed by CROP INTELLECT, a leading UK agrochemical company. Once applied, this photocatalyst product reacts with sunlight to capture nitrogen oxides (N2O, NO and NO2), harmful gases with 265x the warming potential of CO2, and that contaminate our air and water through the application of synthetic fertilizer. These pollutants are transformed into nitrate (plant-ready fertilizer), which supplies the plant with six weeks of steady nitrogen. R-Leaf® sprays on any crop, mixes in tanks with most agrochemicals, and is classified as an EC fertilizer containing zinc, molybdenum, and manganese.Which ensure the best possible yield of cereal crops.

A product that captures, breaks down, and transforms

R-Leaf® is the latest technology developed by CROP INTELLECT, a leading British player in the agrochemical industry. This product first captures nitrogen oxides (N2O, NO and NO2) thanks to the photocatalysts it contains. These components, once charged with daylight, then decompose them. These pollutants, which play a role in the formation of fine particles in the ambient air and the acidification of the oceans, are finally transformed into nitrate, water and carbon dioxide, which are essential for the growth of crops. R-Leaf® can be sprayed on any crop. This stable suspension concentrate, which mixes in a tank with most agrochemicals, is classified as an EC fertilizer containing zinc, molybdenum, and manganese. These nutrients are often in short supply, yet play an essential role in ensuring good yields of cereal crops.

Founded in 2011 by agronomist engineer Dr Aposlolos Papadopoulous, CROP INTELLECT has strong expertise in the invention and deployment of chemicals for profitable and sustainable agriculture. The company develops and produces biopesticides, biostimulants and equipment to monitor crop health and performance. R-Leaf®, its latest innovation, has received backing from Breakthrough Energy Ventures and has been trialed and confirmed by the European Innovation Council, Imperial College London. 

« Our mission is to make a positive impact on the sustainability of global agriculture for a safe future by using out-of-the-ordinary innovations ! »

Dr. Aposlolos Papadopoulous – Founder, CROP INTELLECT
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