Time of shared vehicles

The deployment, through a digital app, of vehicle sharing between owners and drivers, to maximise the use of existing vehicles and make mobility more accessible.

AI and blockchain technology drive shared mobility

VOLVERO is a vehicle-sharing app that allows private owners and businesses to share vehicles with those looking for one. Drivers can choose between cars, motorcycles or commercial vehicles when they need them, in the most efficient and sustainable way, saving time and money, while owners can set their own price and terms of sharing. volvero is an app based on sharing economy. It promotes the sharing and utilisation of existing vehicles without the need to purchase new ones, especially when existing vehicles, according to various research, are not utilized for 96% of their lifetime.   The Italy-based start-up is enhanced by artificial intelligence coupled with blockchain technology which allows for the storage of information in a transparent and secure way.

This innovative technology with integrated automatic insurance frees its users from the burden of traditional rental contracts and paperwork. Thanks to its algorithm capable of analyzing specific data on speed, acceleration, or braking, volvero offers a secure mobility solution accessible to all. Thestart-up founded by Marco Filippi aims to foster an environment conducive to the emergence of a new form of mobility in line with environmental challenges. Currently, VOLVERO is active in Veneto, Italy. This year, in 2023, it aims for international growth, particularly through the development of partnerships with dealers, small car rentals, and other companies owning fleets of vehicles, to build a wider network of available vehicles.

“2023 promises to be an exciting year for VOLVERO, which brings together all the necessary conditions for rapid growth. After years of stealth technology development, patent filing, and testing, we are now in a position to commercialize on a large scale to change people’s mobility. Stay with us… On the road to change!”

Marco Filippi, CEO and founder of VOLVERO
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