SolarXOne: the solar-powered super drone

12 hours of non-stop flight for civilian and military applications

With its double wings, the SolarXOne drone, which, as its name suggests, is powered by solar energy, still boasts unparalleled performance. This revolutionary UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is the result of five years of R&D and 600 test flights. It now holds the record of 12 hours of flying in a row, accomplished with a zero CO2 emission balance.  Propelled into the air by a 5-meter-long catapult, the machine, developed in series since 2021 by the Guérandaise start-up X-Sun, winner of the European Innovation Council programme, is a resounding success. With a load capacity of 5 kg, combined with its ability to fly very low and silently, this «stealthy» drone, with many applications, especially in terms of mapping, is dedicated to civilian and unarmed military applications. 

XSun develops highly certified solutions for long-distance, offline missions. In order to ensure greater sustainability in a world where resources are constantly dwindling, this start-up is committed to innovation, radically moving away from traditional drone design and manufacturing to focus on solar energy. With branches in Germany and Australia, it is composed of 25 people, many of them engineers or doctors, from eight different nationalities. Like Airbus founder Benjamin David, X-Sun employees have 200 years of aerospace experience.

«Flying at an altitude of 1000 meters, SolarXOne is able to map or monitor an area of 400 km2 in a single day. The capabilities of this aircraft with two electric motors are 100 times greater than a normal drone. »

Benjamin David, founding president of X-Sun
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