A system to reverse the process of beach erosion

A system of barriers, mobile and eco-responsible, to fight against erosion of beaches and coastal area during the winter period.

Barriers to “trap” sand

TETI is an innovative start-up founded with the aim of exploiting an exclusive patent born from the reflections of Giuseppe Tamburrano, its inventor, who put his knowledge of the foreshore at the service of a cause that is close to his heart: the preservation of the beaches and coastline of the Adriatic coast. On the eastern edge of the Italian boot, it is difficult not to be alarmed by the constant increase in sea temperature which leads to an increase in the force of the wave movement. In the Puglia region, storm surges are breaking more and more violently against the sand dunes and endangering sumptuous beaches. To counter this phenomenon, the creator of the TETI concept imagines a system of eco-sustainable barriers that can be anchored on the sandy shore by means of a mobile structure allowing the whole system to slide on steel posts. In this way, the dynamics of sea movement are exploited to trap the sandy sediments, without compromising the surrounding areas.

In January 2022 a first experiment of this ingenious device takes place on the marine reserve of Torre Guaceto on the beautiful coast of Brindisi. About 50 metres of barriers are installed on an area 100 metres wide. The system resists well to winter storms, while three months later, measurements show that the sandy coast has risen by an average of 40 centimetres at -Proof that this solution works at the same time to safeguard the economic and environmental heritage of a seaside region, while avoiding costly interventions by public authorities to preserve the coastline against climate change.

“Consisting mainly of 65% recycled plastic modules, the system fits perfectly into the circular economy and, since it does not require mechanical means for its installation, it is an excellent tool for the routine maintenance of beaches, since it is installed during the winter months and removed at the beginning of the bathing season.”

Giuseppe Tamburrano, creator of TETI
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