The solution to biocides and endocrine disruptors

Tech4MED invents and develops natural bioactive formulations that prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and pathogenic organisms in a targeted way, without consequences for the environment or health. These materials are made from industrial waste, either from forestry or marine.

A 100% natural product that has already proven its worth

To cope with biocides, often harmful to health and assimilated for many of them to endocrine disruptors, Tech4MED has developed the product NaturAll. 100% natural, this bioactive solution blocks bacterial growth, is resistant to washing, is non-toxic to the environment and health, and is biodegradable. Unlike biocides, NaturAll acts in a targeted way on bacterial organisms and prevents their proliferation rather than mass killing them. It is antiviral and non- toxic for human cells. It can be used for textiles, surface coatings, plastics and cosmetics.   

The members of the Tech4MED team, who are close to the academic and research communities and committed to preserving the environment and biodiversity, all have long study careers. The company’s founder, Raphaël Canadas, by his title of doctor specialized in biotechnology and biomaterials gives particular credit to the technology developed by Tech4MED. The Portuguese start-up has already put its flagship product on the textile market and plans to open up to other markets in 2024.

“Our mission is to urgently solve societal problems by driving a new way of seeing life and providing concrete solutions to the harmful chemicals that destroy it.”

Raphaël Canadas, Tech4MED CSO
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