On the way to more active mobility...

The development of a new mode of movement, active and ecological, around a vehicle equipped with an ingenious chain-less crankset allowing to reconcile, with efficiency and safety, daily journeys and practice of physical exercise.

Bike, work, calf !

Pedal cars are no longer reserved for children. Wishing to combine the comfort of a car with the joys of cycling, CIXI, start-up in Haute-Savoie, has imagined the concept of an atypical vehicle that transforms passive daily journeys into privileged moments to do physical exercise, Promoting a healthier working life. Gone are the sedentary lifestyles brought about by the “train-train” of traveling by car or public transport, and now active mobility that makes physical exercise a pleasant daily activity. The VIGOZ, designed for daily journeys, is equipped with a patented electronic crankset (the PERS) that can reach 120 km/h at the strength of the thighs alone!  Without a chain or a belt, this revolutionary crankset relieves itself of the geometric constraints associated with mechanical transmissions, giving rise to new types of vehicles guaranteeing a tailor-made pedaling experience. After a short stage of customization, the pilot selects his degree of effort (light, moderate or powerful); and the PERS takes care of the rest. You don’t have to be an athlete or a “little queen” champion to travel 20 or 30 km a day from work to home.

Authorized on all types of roads, highways included, the VIGOZ, the first vehicle hosting this high-efficiency crankset, offers a range of 160 km. Exclusively powered by electric energy – it itself obtained partly by the pedaling of its driver, this light weight of the road (about 550 kg) also consumes less resources in its production and less energy in its use.

These inventions – crankset and vehicle -come from the design offices of CIXI, which today brings together a team of 58 international employees around its four partners-founders, all committed to bringing less passive and more environmentally friendly modes of travel to life. The design and assembly of the brand’s products are carried out in the Poisy plant in Haute-Savoie, thus contributing to the creation of local jobs and the development of know-how and expertise in France and Europe.

“VIGOZ allows everyone, through regular physical activity integrated into our daily activities, to (re)discover the well-being generated by physical effort. If, in the end, our pilots turn the road to work into a path of personal development, CIXI will have succeeded!”

Nina, Carlos, Nicolas and Pierre, co-founders of CIXI
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