Biochar like the Incas!

The development of a unique and clean process, valorizing biomass residues of the territory to transform them into energy, and into biochar favorable to the sustainability of the agricultural world, and to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

A sustainable and low-tech process to produce green carbon

Biochar, a contraction of “bio-charcoal”, refers to charcoal of vegetable origin. It is obtained by the thermal transformation of different sources of biomass: by-products of the wood industry, crop residues, solid waste, green waste, food waste… And biochar has super powers. This green, stable, porous and absorbent carbon stimulates soil life and plant production and sequesters pollutants for hundreds of years. As a soil amendment, biochar contributes to the development of food sovereignty by proposing a model for sustainable management of agricultural fertilization interdependencies. In industry, it favors the decarbonization of sensitive sectors and the valorization of waste.

Wanting to take advantage of the qualities of this stable surface with numerous applications in agriculture, as well as in the building sector, the start-up DEMIO has designed, and put into service since the end of 2022, a first industrial low-tech machine to produce it by pyrolysis. With a global approach, this start-up from Normandy has developed a sustainable and low-tech solution to produce quality biochar, from raw biomass to its agricultural and industrial use. It is now in a position to provide a turnkey industrial solution, and to participate in the deployment in France of this vegetable carbon to make it one of the major levers of the environmental transition.

“The industrial process of biochar production by pyrolysis is recent, but the idea is very old. Mankind has known about biochar since the Incas, who mixed it with livestock manure and biowaste. This land, called Terra Preta, is now recognized as one of the most fertile in the world.”

Gaultier Bernard, President of DEMIO
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