Focus on eco-responsibility for the recreational sector !

The launch of a new generation cruising catamaran according to an innovative process of design, construction, deconstruction, eco-responsible and replicable to the entire recreational industry. The concept of this catamaran also allows access and use for boaters with reduced mobility.

From design to deconstruction…

For nearly seven decades, the boating industry has been producing millions of composite boats, with no real solutions to cope with end-of-life materials. 

How to change practices in the construction and use of pleasure craft ? 

Jörg Weber, President and co-founder of the company Blue Ocean Upcycle Marine Boat (BOUM BOAT), a design office for sustainable boating based near Carcassonne, Occitanie, tries to answer this cross-cutting question. 

This German sailor who has been sailing for more than 40 years, committed to the circular economy and solidarity, especially in tourism and boating, develops the concept of an innovative catamaran, designed to encourage the emergence of new practices at the level of the recreational industry. 

Associated with Sabine Vanabelle, this specialist of the nautical industry relies on a market study revealing that the demand is there, and the many expectations.

The BOUM BOAT project, which consists of the launch of a first boat of demonstrative value in 2024, encompasses all the stages of the life cycle of a responsible sailboat:

  • the eco-design in phase of study to define the plan and the silhouette of this avant-garde boat;
  • construction with the use of decarbonized materials (bio-sourced fibers, bio-composites…); 
  • deconstruction in a circular economy logic through recycling to give life to new boats, and upcycling in keeping with the virtuous adage that nothing is lost, nothing is created, but everything is transformed…

« Many boaters are already looking for alternatives and solutions for more eco-friendly equipment, such as electric motors, renewable energy production, waste and wastewater treatment, etc. They are also thinking about the problem of dismantling ships at the end of their life. Those interviewed in our market study accept an additional cost of 20 to 30% in order to enjoy sailing in harmony with their ecological conviction.»

Jörg Weber, BOUM BOAT™ designer
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