Combating drought with water super-absorbent bio-gel

Agrobiogel has created a wood-based hydrogel that absorbs and stores water  and slowly releases it to plants during dry periods. This super-absorbent gel increases the water holding capacity of the soil, organic matter and soil fertility.

Active for 5 years, 40% water saving and better soil fertility  

Agrobiogel hydrogel is applied to the soil. It then acts as a small reservoir of water and nutrients directly at the roots of the plants. Very superior to other hydrogels, Agrobiogel is biobased active for 5 years and allows a water saving of  up ot 40%. Thanks to the virtues of this 100% wood gel, plants can survive increasing erratic rainfall patterns and drought periods. Agrobiogel also has the unique ability to mimic humus and even degrade to humus, converting unproductive agricultural soils, including 100% sand soils, into productive agricultural soils.

Everything went very fast for Agrobiogel. In 2020, after years of research, the teams of Professor Gibson S. Nyanhongo of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (Boku) developed Agrobiogel. The following year, the company was created by the same professor who quickly recruited a team and since 2022, Agrobiogel is on the market. Agrobiogel can be applied in agriculture, forestry, intensive agriculture, home and garden and landscaping. 

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