A patented rotor to multiply the capacity of wind turbines

REOL invented the REOLA rotor which multiplies by a factor of 2.5 to 7 times the electricity production capacity compared to a conventional wind turbine. Its geometry allows it to start without assistance in very weak wind and to exploit winds up to 200 times more powerful than normal where conventional wind turbines are stopped.

New prospects for the wind energy market

While the development of wind farms is sometimes hindered by various and legitimate constraints, REOL’s patented rotor tends to reduce the impact of wind turbines on the environment: thanks to the smaller size of the blades and a slower rotation speed, noise and aesthetic nuisance, air turbulence and the risk of collisions with birds are greatly reduced. In addition to these significant improvements in wind turbine technology, REOL offers new perspectives for the wind turbine market and for electricity production as a whole. Its rotor technology, its control of air flows and its ability to withstand very strong winds make electricity production more profitable and considerably broadens the areas of use: for example, it is possible to place wind farms in areas at risk from cyclones or on floating offshore platforms.

This production of abundant and profitable electricity offers new prospects for the development of renewable energies such as the mass production of clean and economical dihydrogen. It is also conducive to the development of new electricity storage solutions such as the Flux battery, the creation of synthesis gas and many others.

Thanks to REOL, the whole sector could find a second wind.

The inventor of the REOLA rotor, a materials engineer by training who has worked for major industrial groups, has surrounded himself with an experienced team of three people, including a financial director, a project manager and an industrial designer. The young company REOL, created in April 2023, is open to partnerships and is counting on a capitalization of several hundred thousand euros by the end of the year.

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