A "win-win" application to accelerate changes in cities

Eurovert has created an application to encourage the “eco-gestures” of the “citizen-user” and accelerate and make reliable the “eco-responsible” decision processes of the communities.

A challenge of data reliability and privacy

The Eurovert application is aimed at local authorities so that they can become its administrators. The digital tool, coupled with artificial intelligence, makes it possible to collect reliable and verifiable data on the uses of the citizens and to benefit from recommendations to adapt to them. On the user side, citizens are encouraged to use the application, which defines their CO2 emission reduction objectives through a reward system that the community chooses to set up. If the user meets his objectives, he can benefit from tax credits, subsidies, reductions in transport subscriptions, etc.

11 developers worked on the development of the Eurovert application, which had to meet the challenges of data reliability and privacy. Eurovert does not store any information about the details of a trip or the kilometers driven on specific dates. Only data on CO2 emissions are stored and used. Eurovert has just completed its test phases and is now entering the marketing phase.

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