Innovative catalyst developer converting captured CO2 into carbon-negative chemicals

CO2NVERT develops innovative catalysts capable of manufacturing industrial chemicals, such as ethanol, from CO2 captured from the atmosphere.  

Certifiably carbon-negative chemical sourcing directly from CO2

Thanks to exceptionally selective, highly active, and stable catalysts, CO2NVERT is producing carbon-negative industrial chemicals by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

To business partners, CO2NVERT provides an opportunity to cut down on carbon taxes, create new streams of revenue, and enjoy a marketing boost from becoming certifiably carbon-negative.

CO2NVERT’s solution has imposed itself through a strong and growing market demand for sustainable consumer products and worldwide government legislation against carbon emissions. But more important than all is our innovative catalytic technology.


CO2NVERT boasts an international team of technical experts, ranging from business developers and financial professionals, to legal consultants and marketing masters. Paolo Licata, CO2NVERT’s CEO, specialises in business innovation and communication. Christian Hulteberg, a world expert in catalysis with more than 20 years in the field, provides technical and material support to CO2NVERT’s ongoing research and development. Abolfazl Ziarati, a renowned chemist from the University of Geneva, heads the R&D project itself.   

‘With CO2NVERT we want to embody change. We believe in a responsible present for a better future. We are proving that truly sustainable innovations like ours can save our planet.’


Paolo Licata, President and CEO of CO2NVERT
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