An innovative electric jet propulsion, more efficient than existing systems

Sealence invented an electric jet propulsion system coupled with a modular powertrain and a battery of up to 450 horsepower to replace outboard and inboard  motors.

52 patents worldwide and a target of 870 hp.

Sealence’s electric jet propulsion solution, inspired by aircraft, offers a much higher efficiency than other existing systems, from which it differs quite clearly, to the point that it is patented in 52 countries of the world. The jet propulsion system, placed outside the boat, is complemented by a highly sophisticated modular powertrain, consisting of a particularly advanced battery and a powerful and compact range extender. 

Sealence, born in 2017, now has 45 employees, including Marco Cassinelli, former responsible for the design of Alfa Romeo engines, and engines development of Lamborghini and Audi, as well as technical director MVAgusta, who heads the design, experimentation and industrialization departments, and Professor Ernesto Benini, Scientific coordinator, co-author of the jet patent, professor of fluid machines in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Padua, scientific manager of numerous research projects in collaboration with government agencies.

Led by William Gobbo, a former executive in several multinational companies, Sealence is entering the global pleasure craft powering market. 

Until then, the Milanese start-up has managed to develop a range of 280-horsepower and 450-horsepower jets and is now developing an 870-horsepower electric jet. 

We have developed the most efficient and environmentally friendly jet propulsion solution. »

William Gobo, CEO and Co-Founder of Sealence
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