Green hydrogen puts gas in the circular economy

The production of renewable hydrogen and biomethane from agricultural biomass exploited in a circular economy. In the long term, the aim is to promote the energy independence of the territories and the countryside.

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As an engineer in the automotive sector, Jean Foyer wondered about the mobilities of tomorrow, including hydrogen-powered vehicles. With the ambition of supplying the French territories in a reliable and local way, he conceived the industrial model QAIROS ENERGIES, production of renewable energies from the gasification of local agricultural biomass. Its teams are studying the characteristics of this process in order to design renewable gas production units (hydrogen and biomethane) that provide decarbonized added value adapted to socio-economic ecosystems.

The ambition of QAIROS ENERGIES is to provide a reliable and local supply to the territories, and particularly to rural territories, impoverished by their growing need for fuel for motorized travel. The construction of the first unit will start at the beginning of 2023 in Trangé, near Le Mans, to be operational in 2025-2026. This site, with an annual capacity of 1,200 tons of renewable hydrogen, will then be duplicated in other regions.

“We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and provide them with customized solutions. Because only by imagining virtuous processes involving all the stakeholders in our territories will we bring the energies of tomorrow within our reach. We are convinced that our work will have a positive impact on the environment and on the communities we serve.”

Jean Foyer, founder of QAIROS ENERGIES
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