Emergence Solar

The transparent photovoltaic gel

Emergence Solar has created the E-Mergence device, a photovoltaic gel containing the latest generation of solar cells arranged in thin layers of about one micron and almost imperceptible to the naked eye.

A revolution in the photovoltaic market

E-Mergence photovoltaic gel has very high absorption qualities and is capable of creating solar electric energy even in shaded areas or on cloudy days as well as in the emission spectrum of fluorescent and LED lamps. Its fields of application are very vast and it revolutionizes the whole photovoltaic sector. For example, E-Mergence makes connected mobile objects autonomous in energy, coupled with an opacifying film it allows the self-consumption of energy in the home, integrated into the windows, mirrors and plexiglas of electric and hybrid vehicles, it reduces their energy dependence and improves their autonomy. Emergence Solar’s transparent gel can also be used on other surfaces such as aluminum, metal, building fences, etc. and non-flat surfaces.

Eric Halimi, a polytechnic engineer, is the inventor of the E-Mergence gel. He holds several other patents in the energy sector and has a solid experience in energy and chemistry. He is currently building his team and surrounding himself with high level engineers and personalities from the research world to commercialize his invention in the coming months.

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