Gamifying sustainability in the workplace

Helping companies build a culture of climate action from the ground up in order to power their transition to net-zero.

A personal app, a company-wide competition

Many organizations have ambitious sustainability goals. But if the people who make up those organisations are not engaged, those goals will not be achieved. This is a problem not only for the planet, but also for businesses. Companies with a positive environmental reputation find it easier to recruit employees, win clients, and secure investment. It is from these two observations that the co-founders of Cilo came up with a game that, by making sustainability a challenge, helps companies build a culture of climate action that brings many benefits.

This is how the Carbon FootSprint was born – a fun, team-building exercise which rewards employees for taking climate-conscious actions. For one month employees use the Cilo app to track their carbon footprint and set carbon-saving goals. For every action they take they earn points for themselves and their team. At the end of the month, teams and employees with the most points get real-life rewards, ranging from dinner and drinks at a premier vegan restaurant to an extra day of annual leave. It’s a service that benefits employees, businesses, and the planet. The app, already available on iOS version and under development on Android, aims to use the power of the community in the fight against climate change. Recently named one of the UK’s Top 100 Start-ups, Cilo is funded by the UK government with backing from leading universities – including UCL and the University of Nottingham – and is already having an impact at major global businesses.

We believe that individuals can play an important role in the fight against climate change if they have the tools to help them. 

“But reducing your carbon footprint right now would be like trying to save money if none of the products you were buying had a price tag and you had no bank account to track your spending over time. The Cilo app gives you that data and packages it in a fun, engaging way.”

Laurence Collingwood, Ryan Brown, co-founder of Cilo
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