An electric charging station in less than 30 seconds!

CapTop has created an ultra-fast charging station for battery-free electric vehicles performing rotations. When airport shuttles or school buses stop at the station, they connect through the ground or roof and in less than 30 seconds are fully charged and ready to make the reverse trip.

Power transfer through articulated arms

Electric vehicles without batteries, known as “capacitive” such as airport shuttles, school buses, city buses, garbage trucks, forklifts, … To meet their respective use, need to be quickly charged therefore require a very high load power. Such power is very difficult to transfer from a station to a vehicle. CapTop has succeeded thanks to the invention of two systems adaptable to the vehicle: the first is an electromechanical arm that lowers under the vehicle floor and comes into contact with a carpet installed on the road. The second is a pantograph that lowers from the bus shelter and comes into contact with a plate on the vehicle’s roof. All the system is based on a patented method of ultrafast and ultra efficient energy transfer among two SC groups.

CapTop founding team, composed by researchers of Naples University « Federico II » and the industrial partners, OCIMA and SPSCAP Europe, important players in Italy and worldwide in the market of special machines, industrial automation, «capacitive » vehicles and their charging system are already well established in their area. CapTop now opens up to the maritime transport market and benefits from important links in other sectors such as the railway and the electric grid markets.

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