A boost for electric mobility

Accompany organizations and companies in the transition of their vehicle fleets to electric, through a new platform to accelerate the installation of the charging infrastructure essential for the proper deployment of this gentler mobility.

Users at the heart of the reflection

MOBILEESE, a consulting and design firm certified in electric mobility, has been working since 2016 – through its founding president, François Gatineau, a recognized player in this field – to facilitate the transition of the automotive sector. And it is particularly around the issue of uses that this company from the Pays de la Loire region is involved. And if in recent years, the team of this independent engineering office has noticed a real dynamic that goes hand in hand with the commitment of manufacturers to produce more electric models, the question of recharging infrastructures remains a real headache.

It is with the idea of removing this obstacle to deployment, responding to the lack of manpower, avoiding wastage of materials, and democratizing this equipment, which is as indispensable as the traditional service stations, that it has developed OPTIMEESE. This new tool, the result of MOBILEESE’s know-how and accumulated experience, makes it possible to design the installation of a recharging infrastructure and to precisely calculate the materials required for these charging stations from a single visit to the site. Based on an innovative algorithm, this solution brings the promise of a material saving to reduce the average costs per site by 15% and at least 2 hours less preliminary study work per case.

“I created MOBILEESE to make a concrete contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases in the transport sector, reconciling eco-responsibility and economic realism. I am convinced that the decarbonized transition will take place with the support of companies and communities, and not only under constraint. Beyond technical and regulatory knowledge, we seek to satisfy the needs of users who are sometimes forgotten when designing future solutions.”


François Gatineau, president, founder of MOBILEESE
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